The Mediterranean Diabetes Cookbook
The Mediterranean Diabetes Cookbook has such delicious recipes that it is a welcome addition to any library, not just those of diabetics. "From the shores of southern and eastern Europe to those of the coastline of North Africa, food is a source of economic income, artistic creativity, sensory pleasure, and traditional medicine," writes Amy Riolo, and it her zeal for the pleasures of the table that infuses the book. Incorporating all the countries that touch the wide Mediterranean sea, Riolo has assembled recipes to put zest, not taboos, into the diet of a diabetic. We celebrate the addition of the North African countries which have interacted with the European, sharing ingredients and techniques. All these cultures share the love of community eating, and even a lone diabetic will feel part of the joy of a good meal. "This book was created to help people with diabetes make healthful eating and lifestyle decisions, which will bring pleasure to their lives as well as to the lives of their family members," states Ms. Riolo. This is an exasive book. Riolo writes with simplicity and with great élan, sharing the her wide knowledge of food history and cultural facts, as well as her creative recipes. The Mediterranean diet is rich in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, but even richer in taste.